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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

E-governance : Boon or a Bane for our country !!!!

India is leading in the globe in Information Technology, no wonder e-governance is much hyped a issue, but before that what is e-governance and how 'universal' (inclusive) is the policy of e-governance. E-governance is a alternative form of governance comprising of processes and strucutres involved in delivernace of electronic service to the 'us' (citizens). It entails enabling the general public to interact with the government, through electronic means, for getting the desired services. The aim, ultimately is to 'simplyfy' and improve governance and enable people's participation in governance through mail, and Internet. But the question here arises as to who are teh 'people' is it to the urban population only?...what about the poor in rural areas who dont have access to basic tools of communication???? In a democratic and inclusive country like our's is it justifiable ???? How do we break this 'digital divide'...or is this a minor aspect to be ignored ....Can we say that e-governance curb severe diseases like corruption, lack of accountiblity and other evils leading to bad governance?? How do we over come scurity risks (hacking... need some techies to comment on it) . ....Please post your arguments as to in favor of agaist this alterntive model...

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Harsha said...

well written Chetan... i'm wondering how far the "E"-Governance will go with the kind of power crisis rural India is going through... Thats because the only enabling mechanism for e-governance is "electricity".. :)